Oklahoma Summer Livin’



Alex & Ruby cooling off on the 108 degree heat index day this summer. This activity can last for hours and then they invade the kitchen for jell-o, popsicles, mandarin oranges, cheese sticks, etc.  This weekend Ruby had already ate two popsicles and wanted a third, to which I replied “No, we need to eat something different.” I watched her little face and could tell the wheels were turning, she said “Can I have a different popsicle?”  My reply was “Good try, Rub!”

We had a Hawaiian Culture Day with grass skirts, leis, hula, pineapple tidbits! I bought the outfits at the dollar store. We read about Hawaiian culture, ate pineapple and looked at Pineapple Plants. We watch Lilo & Stitch (a good movie for their age). 

Hawaiian Culture Day

Hawaiian Culture Day

We have had to replace the pool because Alex decided that she needed to drive her bicycle into the pool; poked a few holes. She learned a lesson. After a talk about inflatable pools and sharp objects, a new pool was purchased on sale and will be inflated today. I developed a method of keeping the pool relatively clean this summer, which I will share with you.

Pool Cleaning Process:

  1. they step in and out of the pool in a plastic wash pan to lessen grass, etc.
  2. once a week I pour about 5 cups of bleach into the water (a day when the pool will not be used)
  3. the next day I top off the pool with fresh water
  4. about every 3 weeks I empty water out and clean and fill with completely new water 
  5. I use the old water for my flowers and garden ( be careful about the bleach amount)

We have lots of cool fun filled hours with a $10 pool! They have a canvas folding chair to lay their towels on for drying off and lots of pool toys.

This weekend I covered one set of my iron patio chairs while I watched the girls swimming, so I was able to multi-task. I will share the process and finished product this week. I hope you and yours have had some fun enjoying the great outdoors this summer.


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