County Fairs and Prairie Wildflowers

County Fairs are so much fun! Delicious food, fantastic exhibits, fun animals and a comforting ambiance. I am going to enter some items into the Nowata County Fair this year. I want to encourage everyone to enter some items in their county fair. The more exhibits in the Fair, the better the Fair. I will be sharing a series of my 2009 county fair exhibits.

My exhibit into Open Class Photography/Adult Division

Plant Life

Oklahoma Prairie Wildflowers


Showy Evening Primrose


Common Spiderwort


Prairie Field of Golden Coreopsis


Golden Coreopsis


Wavy-leaved Thistle

 The Nowata County Free Fair has a Stick Horse Rodeo and a Pedal Tractor Pull, doesn’t that sound like alot of fun for young and old alike! County Fairs are an integral part of our American heritage. Most county fairs are held at the local fairgrounds and the office may have the fair books or will know where to obtain the books. The booklets provide all the information about the sections, divisions and classes for exhibits. Share some news about your county fair!


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