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Amish Cheese House

Last month, Holly, my oldest daughter was going to Choteau to run some errands, so I offered to go along to drive and wrangle Ruby and Alex. Any excuse to spend time with my babies (no matter how old they are). One of the stops was The Amish Cheese House, a fantastic sandwich shop and cheese shop. Actually much more than cheese is sold there, things such as, meats, cheeses, candy, spices, cheese balls, jams, jellies and so on. 

I bought a few items:

  • Taco Seasoning (takes two tsp. per 1 # ground beef or turkey)
  • Ground Cumin
  • Curry Powder
  • Whole Black Peppercorns
  • Ground Thyme
  • Chicken Base for soups, chicken noodles, etc.
  • Creamy Coleslaw Dressing Mix
  • Southwest Dip Mix
  • Black Raspberry Dip Mix
My Amish Spices

My Amish Spices

I suggest the cheese balls for entertaining. I bought a delicious dessert cheese ball covered in pecans and had tiny chocolate chips inside, YUM! Great served with a plain cookie and apples.

There is a Amish bakery right next door that has the best baked goods you have ever tasted! I bought caramel breakfast rolls and banana nut bread to take to a family gathering. The two-crust fruit pies looked like they should be sitting on Aunt Bea’s window ledge and there are two sizes, small (2 person) and regular.

AND everything was VERY reasonally priced. If you have a chance to go through Choteau, plan to stop for a sandwich and other goodies. The Amish Cheese House, 101 S Chouteau Avenue, Chouteau, Oklahoma. I highly recommend it because of the natural ingredients, cleanliness, variety and value.

I also bought a small jar of Unker’s Deep Penetrating Pain Relief to rub my sore muscles/joints and the usual chigger bites summer brings. It works! It has natural ingredients and is recommended for arthrtis, colds, coughs, sore throats, burns, bruises, sinus troubles, insect bites and chapped hands and feet.

Unkers Pain Relief

Unkers Pain Relief

While in Chouteau, we visited a flea market, lunched at a Amish Restuarant and purchased fabric at an outlet shop. A great day with some of my favorite ladies.


Keepin’ It Real!!

Urban Dictionary: Keeping It Real     Staying true to yourself, your faith, your life and constantly seeking the truth. You are keeping it real as long as you do not harm yourself or anyone around you physically mentally or spiritually. You try to benefit the environment and society that surrounds you and eventually serving humanity for the greater good. By keeping it real you are authentic and do not follow the geopolitical or corporate economic norm, but you strive to develop a norm that is centered on peace, truth, and unity.
Love Life, Live Life, After Life
My Garage

My Garage

I am keepin’ it real here on my little acre! It’s Spring! Right? Time for Spring cleaning! Right? Two years ago I set this garage up for my flea market business (12 years) and have not really touch it since that time. My time was spent on other activites and thus, this is what you see.  Are you ready?? Sure?? OK, brace yourself!

OMG!!!!! Where Do I Begin?!

OMG!!!!! Where Do I Begin?!

However, I am no longer in the flea market business but have decided to open up an eBay Store, so I need to sort and clean and make hard decisions about what to keep, etc. A garage sale is in the very near future, like in about two to three weeks. I helped open and operate an eBay Store a few years ago and in the process became a Ebay Education Specialist. My fibromyalgia and chronic arthritis make for good days and bad days, thus it is hard to work any full or even part time job for anyone, where someone depends on you being there to help them. Imagine that!! I can eBay in my pajamas and fit it in between taking care of Alex and all the other little things I do.

An Acre of Oklahoma Ebay Store is an extension of my philosophy on living the good life. I sell books, vintage household items, craft patterns, crochet/kniting patterns, children’s clothes, and much more.

I have alot of plans for the store, such as:

  1. Small Craft Kits
  2. A Series of Children’s Books
  3. How-To Pamplets
  4. Cookbooklets (is that a word?)
Paul Marshall Vintage Paper Mache'

Paul Marshall Vintage Paper Mache'

A Paul Marshall Proper Lady Pincushion and the Peasant Lady Lipstick Holder will be listed on eBay soon. The early 1960’s the Japanese introduced paper mache’ products into our culture, like piggy banks in shapes of animals, clowns, etc. They took “flower power” to a whole different level. I have a whole paper mache’ zoo in a box, just waiting for me to find and list.

Wish me luck with this terrible, awful mess! Who put all this junk in my garage?? I am going to put out a bounty out on their head! The Dog will be hunting and putting a smack down on them! If you have a garage or room or basement that looks like mine, you are not alone in your junk disfunction.

Plastic Bottles……hmmm!

Call it a little nutty, call it alot of crazy but every time I throw a plastic bottle in the trash, I think I need to recycle that bottle! EVERY single dang  time! So I have decided that I will either recycle every plastic bottle I can or make something useful from it. I flashback to  the Indian on the horse by the littered highway with a single tear in his eye! I can’t take it any more! Therefore,

I have researched the topic and have come up with some great ideas for 1 and 2 Liter Pop Bottles:

  1. Make bird feeders next winter from 2 liter pop bottles. There is actually a metal or plastic adapter that will make this extremely easy.
  2. A foot warmer: fill bottle with warm water and roll it back and forth with your feet; that would help my foot cramps also. When the water cools down water your plants.
  3. Make a plastic bag holder or string dispenser from a 2-liter bottle. Cut off the bottom and the top of the bottle and then mount the bottle upside-down with screws (use a washer under the plastic so the screws will not pull through the plastic) inside your cabinet or closet door. Put the plastic bags in the top and pull out the bottom. For a string holder-do not cut off the top and save the lid. Drill a hole in the lid to pull string through the bottle.
  4. Boot & Shoe Dryers: Fill an even number of 2-liter bottles half full of sand (I am a half-full kinda of gal) then put them on either a layer of newspapers or a plastic boot tray by your back door for those muddy, wet boots to dry. And no mess on the rest of your floors.
  5. Shop funnels: A really easy and economic funnel for a variety of uses, such as, filling a car’s radiator or gas tanks on lawn mowers or leftover paint into a smaller glass jar.
  6. Summer fun for the kids: make 3 small (1 1/2 inch) slits in one side of the bottle and attach to the hose for a cool activity on those hot summer days. Attach the bottle to the hose with duct tape or an adapter for hoses.
  7. Save the tops to make a really neat finger pin cushion. The pin cushions make a little extra something for gift giving to those that sew. I will put up the tutorial up in the next several weeks. Very easy!
  8. There is a vintage crochet pattern for making small purses from butter tubs. The same pattern might work for the bottoms of some types of pop bottles, which have smooth tops. I will look for the pattern and share it with those who crochet. Not me!

And please BE CAREFUL when cutting the pop bottles! A rotary cutter is the safest but still very sharp. These suggestions are not for children but adults and only those adults who do not have to have other adult supervision for such crafty work. Leaves me out.

Now how about some more suggestions from those creative and green thinking individuals out there?

I can now sleep at night and my soul can find rest, not having to suffer from guilt for adding to the plastic pop bottle stack that will not decompose in a million, trillion years.

Dollar Section at Your Local Grocery Store

In today’s economy it is important to save any where you can, whether on the food budget or home furnishings budget or clothes budget. There are many grocery stores that have a $1 section these days, usually hidden among all the more eye-appealing, marketed, expensive name brands. I have found some fantastic marinades for chicken, fish, beef and pork in the $1 section. No high price marinades/sauces for me. I don’t have to pay $3.98 for a bottle of marinade to make my taste buds leap for joy!

Savory Collection

Savory Collection

Presenting The Savory Collection distributed by Private Food Labels, Inc. in Rochester, NY for your pleasure (and pocketbook). There are four that I have found.

  1. Asian Grill/Pineapple Teriyaki
  2. Southwest Grill/Jalapeno & Lime
  3. Lemon Pepper
  4. Steakhouse Grill/Bold & Spicy

And other great facts about these sauces are the following:

  • Fat Free
  • No Cholesterol
  • No MSG
  • No Whey or Wheat Gluten (for some individuals that is important)

My family enjoys the Asian Grill poured over salmon and baked in a 350* oven for 30 minutes, cover the last 15 minutes of baking time. To complete the menu add oriental rice, green beans and whole wheat dinner rolls.

The Asian, Southwest and Lemon Pepper Grill would be delicious over grilled veggies like small red potatoes, onion, peppers (red, yellow & green), squash (zucchini, yellow) and mushrooms. Impress your friends with a summer cookout of Steakhouse Grilled Steak, Southwest Twice baked Potatoes, Crisp Green Tossed Salad, topped off with Strawberry Shortcake.  Just imagine everyone  sitting out under the shade trees on a summer’s evening sipping Really Cold Coronas with a slice of lime and giving the host or hostess many compliments.

And NO! the Private Label Foods did not bribe me or otherwise entice me to write about their products. However, it would be nice if they felt so inclined! I just really like to find a great product that has a great price to match. Everyone can enjoy tasty meals and still watch the bottom line.

If you find some interesting and tasty items in the $1 section of your grocery store, tell us about them…how you use them….your menu…your special touch.  Share the wealth (that comes from my hippie days)!

Share The Land by Guess Who

Wish I had his hair! Were we really that intense? Did we really believe that we could all live together? Yes, we were and yes, we did.

My, my,  how easily my mind wonders some days! The part about friends sitting under shade trees sipping coronas did it!