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Farmer’s Market One Yard Wonder

My Christmas Present

One of my plans for 2010 is to start a Nowata County Farmer’s Market at the Fairgrounds.  Gardening has always been my passion and therapy. I have also been involved with a series of Economic Development meetings for Nowata City/County and believe that Agritourism is an important aspect of  Nowata’s economy. I have been working on networking and planning since October 2009 for the market. Another page will be added to this blog about the market and keeping everyone updated about the progress.

Vintage Design

My very creative daughter, Holly, made this bag for my Christmas present using a pattern from the book, One Yard Wonders. She used vintage material for her creation.  I love it, love it! Holly and her friend, Audrey, have developed a collaborative creative project, Mama Says Vintage. Please stop by to read their unique blogs.

Rolled Up to Store

The bag rolls up and has a velcro strap to secure. You could store it in your purse or glove compartment or in a milk crate in the back of your mini-van. I have a plastic milk crate that I keep the following items:

  1. cloth shopping bags (from various stores)
  2. newspaper for wrapping my junking finds
  3. a few recycled plastic bags for multiple purposes
  4. a box of baby wipes
  5. hand sanitizer
  6. paper towels
  7. 2 small size quilted moving pads to protect my junking furniture pieces
  8. 3 bottles of water
  9. disposable cups/snacks
  10. a box of various size plastic storage bags

My van hauls grandkids to various activities and always seems to stop at garages sales, estate sales, flea markets, etc. so the above items come in very handy. One never knows when and where one might need any or all of the items. Like maybe on a trip to Tablerock Lake through the ups and downs and curves with a 4 year old sitting in the back seat who got carsick…… which we did not have because we were in Grandad’s truck.

If you are reading this  and live within 40-50 miles from Nowata and are interested in the farmer’s market, please make a comment and I will let you know about the planning meetings, etc.

I will be a fashionista at the Farmer’s Market with my new one-yard bag!


Life Twists and Turns

The past year I was heavily involved in creating a new local TV Channel but that is a huge topic and many, many posts! Still processing that one!

I have many plans which involve being busy and doing what I like to do!

  • Blogging
  • An Ebay Store
  • Writing several books
  • Developing a radio or TV program
  • My FAMILY!!!!!!!
  • Volunteering in my community
  • My garden, animals, cooking, baking, decorating, going to garage and estate sales, reading, music, etc., etc., etc.

An Acre of Oklahoma is a way of life.  A simpler way of life.  By simple I do not mean less things to do or not living life to its fullest but finding the way back to putting our families, our communities, our country, our planet and our God (however, whoever, wherever each of us finds our God) first in our lives. Taking the “I” out of the equation and putting “us” back in the equation. While I believe that self-sacrifice is a huge part of our purpose, that are moments each of us needs to re-build our body and soul. I believe as Americans we need to re-use, re-do, re-cycle, re-think, re-make instead of being so greedy, so demanding, so consumer driven, so out of touch and so ungrateful.

At the acre of Oklahoma, family is so very important! Being parents and grandparents is one of the most important jobs we have because we are raising the next generation. We need to raise future healthy, happy and contributing citizens to our society and planet. This does not mean giving children everything they want, not disciplining them when they make bad choices, not running them here and there and everywhere, and so on and so forth. Set a good example, show children how to love others, forgive others, deal with conflict in a correct manner and so on and so on.

Community is important! Find a way to give yourself to a worthwhile charity or a elderly person needing a ride to the doctor or a child needing school supplies or planting flowers in the local park and so on and so forth. You will find that your life, your attitude, your health will become better when you give of yourself to others.

Our country is in great need for each of us to step up and be pioneers again to develop new ideas, new frontiers, new relationships. I believe that we may finally have a leader who will lead us out of this crisis into a new better America.

Our planet! There is so much to say on that subject! Like life we only have one, so use it wisely.

God, a higher power, a mother goddess, whatever you want to call the supreme being. I know God is there! I have no doubt! I have seen God’s power work in huge dramatic ways and I have seen God in the tiniest of flowers! I hope that each of us seeks God’s wisdom. I don’t know where we go after this life but I know that it will be good and I know that all will be right.

I will get down off my soap box for now! But you get the idea, make our world a better place, whether on an acre in Oklahoma or on an acre in Kenya.

Please come back to visit me on my acre of Oklahoma!

A New Year Creed

Ice Forms

A New Year Creed

If any little word of ours

Can make one life brighter;

If any little song of ours

Can make one heart, the lighter;

God help us speak that little word

Then take our bit of singing

add drop it in some lonely heart

To set the echoes ringing.

If any little love of ours

Can make one life the sweeter;

If any little care of ours

Can make one step the fleeter;

If any little help may ease

The burden of another;

God give us love and care and strength

To help along each other.

If any little thought of ours

Can make one life the stronger;

If any cheery smile of ours

Can make its brightness longer;

Then let us speak that thought today,

With tender eyes aglowing,

So God may grant that some weary one

shall reap from our glad sowing.

Author Unknown

Happy 2008!