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Winter Cardinals in Oklahoma

I absolutely love Cardinals! I think both the male and female are crested beauties! The males have a black mask upon their glorious red and the females are a mellow brown with touches of reddish orange here and there. My, my, how that red stand outs against a bleak and snowy landscape.

Cardinals do not migrate in the winter and often come together in flocks to band against the winter harshness. I can look out my window on a dreary winter day and see flashes of red in the thicket in the pasture. This bird is a seed eater and some of its favorites seeds are sunflower, cracked corn and safflower. An excellent sight for birdwatchers in Oklahoma, Bird of Oklahoma.  Today I found a site for birdsongs, it’s wonderful on this arctic winter day to hear sounds of spring.

If you want to draw Cardinals into your yard be sure to plant vines, climbing roses and evergreens. Tangly, hardy vines like the clematis, honeysuckle and trumpet vine make good hiding places. Cardinals like to build their nests in shrub and climbing roses; the thorns make for good defense. Evergreens make good plants for roosting, especially in the Winter.

Alex and I made Orange Baskets treats for the birds on this wind chill factor -10 day. Turn the orange with the stem end up and cut wedges out of the top on both sides thus leaving a “handle” to hang the basket. We used recycled old ribbon for the hangers. We decided the orange smelled so good we ate the wedges or if you can resist the temptation, feed the wedges to the birds. The Orange Baskets will be hung from the Pecan tree in the backyard.

Orange Baskets for the Birds

My Impressionism era photo of Winter Cardinals.